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Young Israel of Great Neck

Laws of the Nine Days

1.The Nine Days begin with Rosh Chodesh Av, Sunday evening July 27th at sunset, 8:16PM.

2. One may not eat meat nor drink wine during the Nine Days. Chicken is considered as meat. Of course, on Shabbat this prohibition is suspended. Wine used for Havdalah after Shabbat, however, should be given to a minor if possible.

3. Doing laundry or putting on freshly washed clothes is prohibited. Clothes which one intends to wear during the Nine Days should be worn for a short time before the Nine

4. One should avoid going to movies or listening to music during the Nine Days.

5. Going swimming or even taking a bath or shower purely for pleasure is forbidden.

6. Socializing with friends should be curtailed during the Nine Days. Rabbi Soloveitchik considered this period to be comparable to the laws during “shloshim” – the thirty day period of mourning over the loss of a close relative

YIGN Welcome Back Picnic September 7


President's Message

The YIGN is a Modern Orthodox synagogue that was founded by six visionary families.  They dreamed of a participatory minyan that would be welcoming to all. After multiple small temporary locations, we moved to our present, beautiful facility at 236 Middle Neck Road in Great Neck, New York.  We are privileged to inhabit a newly constructed Beit Midrash and classroom building, as well as a full sized gym. Read more

Rabbi Lerner's Weekly Parsha Shiur

Rabbi Lerner's parsha shiurim will resume in September

Current Announcements

Mazel tov to Marsha and Oscar Schwartz and Alissa and Gideon Schwartz on the birth of their grandson and son.

Once again we will be collecting NEW school supplies to distribute to needy Jewish children.  As you shop for your own children, please remember those that are not as fortunate.  Please bring all school supplies to YIGN by August 21. For more information please contact Gina Aharonoff or Roya Samuels.

Many thanks to Sarah and Etan Walls for sponsoring snacks in honor of Joe’s birthday.

The following donations have been made to the Young Israel of Great Neck:
- Sue and Arthur Talansky in memory of Nettie Widman
- Lani and David Pelcovitz in memory of Nettie Widman
- Diana and Albert Schwartz in memory of Nettie Widman
- Anita and Hal Beretz in memory of Dony Schlusselberg’s mother
- Judy and Fred Lewis in memory of Nettie Widman
- Leni Schertz in memory of Nettie Widman

Tue, 29 July 2014 2 Av 5774