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Young Israel of Great Neck

Laws of the Three Weeks

The three weeks between Shiva Assar B'Tammuz and Tisha B'Av are a period of national mourning for our people over the loss of our first and second Beit Hamikdash. The mourning intensifies as the period progresses until it reaches a climax on Tisha B'Av itself. Following is a summary of the laws that apply during the various stages.

Laws for the Entire Three Weeks
1. Shiva Assar B'Tammuz, which ushers in the Three Weeks, is a fast day. This year it falls out on Tuesday, July 15th. The fast begins at 3:53A.M. and ends at 9:10P.M.
 2. It is forbidden to take haircuts during the three weeks.
 3. Weddings and social gatherings are forbidden.
 4. New clothes should not be purchased during the Three Weeks so as to avoid the need to recite the blessing of "Shehecheyanu".

President's Message

The YIGN is a Modern Orthodox synagogue that was founded by six visionary families.  They dreamed of a participatory minyan that would be welcoming to all. After multiple small temporary locations, we moved to our present, beautiful facility at 236 Middle Neck Road in Great Neck, New York.  We are privileged to inhabit a newly constructed Beit Midrash and classroom building, as well as a full sized gym. Read more

Rabbi Lerner's Weekly Parsha Shiur

Rabbi Lerner's parsha shiurim will resume in September

Current Announcements

Debbie Spilky and family wish to thank Rabbi Yaacov and Abby Lerner, Rabbi Shmuel and Malka Ismach and the entire Young Israel / Great Neck community for their outpouring of sympathy and generosity following the loss of Debbie's mother, Gracia Abemayor z.l.

The following donations have been made to the Young Israel of Great Neck:
- Evelyn and Oscar Kranz in memory of Nettie Widman; In memory of Gracia Abemayor
- Carole and Stephen Karbowitz in memory of Nettie Widman
- Erica and Ron Strauss in memory of Gracia Abemayor; In memory of Nettie Widman
- Miriam and Gilad Ellenberg in memory of Nettie Widman
- Ellie and David Werber in memory of Nettie Widman

Tue, 22 July 2014 24 Tammuz 5774