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Young Israel of Great Neck

Iran Nuclear Agreement - Letter to Congress 

Scholar in Residence Rabbi Ian Pear 8/1

Labor Day Barbecue - Monday September 7

President's Message

The Young Israel of Great Neck (YIGN) was established over 40 years ago through the efforts of six visionary families.  What started out as their dream has resulted, after four decades of tremendous growth, in a large, thriving, modern orthodox congregation with over 250 family members, located at 236 Middle Neck Road in Great Neck. In addition to our beautiful main sanctuary, our state-of-the-art Justin Family Center contains a large Beit Midrash, several classrooms, as well as a full-sized gymnasium. Read more



Mazel  tov to Debbie and Charles Goldberg and Sara and Roy Kaluzshner on the birth of their granddaughter and daughter. 

Mazel tov to Fran and Bernie Mermelstein, Helen and Howard Zimmerman, Karen and Jason Hammerman, Erica and Steven Parilis on the birth of Nava and Steven Mermelstein’s twin babies, a daughter and a son.

Mazel tov to Esther and Stan Morris on the aufruf of their son Jordan Marks and his forthcoming marriage to Jane Mermel.


The construction of the YIGN Playground has begun and should hopefully be completed by next week. In addition, the fence surrounding the side yard will soon be reinforced and made more safe and secure. As mentioned this past Shabbos, we are still looking for sponsorships and dedications to help cover the cost of these enhancements, which should provide our YIGN youth a wonderful facility to enjoy for many years to come. As a reminder, the construction committee established three levels of contributions: Benefactor $1800 / Sponsor $1000 / Supporter $500. Whether you are a grandparent or parent with grandchildren and/or children who will directly benefit from this playground, or simply wish to honor a loved one, this will give each of our member families the chance to have a permanent dedication for a very reasonable financial commitment. Thank you to all those who have already donated - proper acknowledgement of allcontributors will of course be made in an appropriate manner upon completion of the project. To donate, please contact the Shul office or email by September 7th.


Please note that on Shabbat Nachamu/Parashat Ve’etchanan (August 1stRabbi Ian Pear of Shir Hadash in Yerushalayim’s Katamon neighborhood will be our ARIEL YITZCHAK NEWMAN MEMORIAL SCHOLAR IN RESIDENCE. Rav Pear will speak three times on Shabbat day.

The Shabbat derasha topic is: “Leadership, Love & Law – Why Moshe Never Made it to the Promised Land.”

The pre-Mincha topic is: “A Murder, A Mystery and Mamzerim: A Case Study of How Halacha and Secular Law Pursue Truth in the Modern State of Israel.”

The Seudah Shlishit topic is: “Bereishit: The Power of Beginning.”

There will be a Perek On The Lawn August 15th at the home of Peri and Steve Santodonato, 5 Imperial Court. Rabbi Shmuel Ismach will be the featured speaker. Further details will follow.

YIGN has established an account at Fidelity Investments to facilitate stock donations. You can pay your Shul dues, pledges, or any other obligation by stock, which may have tax advantages to you. For example, if you donate stock with a long term capital gain, you may be able to avoid paying taxes on the capital gain while getting a charitable tax deduction for the full current value of the stock.  Please call the Shul office for stock transfer instructions.  Of course, you should check with your accountant to understand your specific situation.

Rabbi Lerner's Weekly Parsha Shiur

Rabbi Lerner's parsha shiur will return in the fall

Sat, 1 August 2015 16 Av 5775