Mazel tov to Heidi and Glenn Zuckerman, Shellie and Steve Zuckerman and Ross Zuckerman on the bar mitzvah of their son, grandson and nephew, Ethan.


There will be an exciting, fun, and educational family Yom Yersushalayim event on Sunday, May 21st from 5:00 to 7:30pm with dinner and two parallel programs - one for preschoolers and one for 1st graders and up with their parents. Sponsorships for this event are welcome! For more information or to sponsor, contact Rabbi Slomnicki at

We are looking forward to the youth Shabbos in the main shul on June 3rd, Parshat Naso. If anyone has children who are interested in laining or davening, please email:

Save the Date for the June women's shiur given by Mrs. Rachel Weinstein entitled, It's Only a Midrash, Right? The shiur will take place on Tuesday June 6th at 8 PM at the home of Rachel Dicker and Carl Mosesson - 21 North Drive.

The YIGN is having its annual graduation kiddush on Shabbat, June 10th. Whether your child is graduating from lower school, high school, college or graduate school, the YIGN community would love to partake in your simcha. To participate as a sponsor, the shul is asking for a $100 contribution per family, which can be dropped off with Shoshana in the shul office. In addition to the $100 contribution, please include a baby picture of your child so that we can create a poster for shul that day. Please let us know if you wish to honor your graduate. You can send an email to or call the shul office at 829-6040.

There will be a general membership meeting and election of officers and board members on Wednesday June 21st. Details to follow.

Afikim and the Israel’s Ministry for Diaspora Affairs have joined to write a Global Unity Sefer Torah written through the sponsorship of letters through chesed, not money.

The Young Israel of Great Neck has reserved 1000 letters. The custom link for our shul's block can be accessed by . You may inscribe letters in your name and names of your family members. It just takes a minute. No cost. To see more info about this global initiative, see this video:

Use this link to decide how you and/or your children will be participating in the Siyum this year! We have many options to choose from or you can create your own!

We still have a few beautiful shtenders for your siddurim and chumashim. A sample is in our showcase in the lobby near the beit midrash. If you are interested in purchasing a shtender at the cost of $100, please call the shul office.

Please do not park in the Clover Drive Parking lot Friday night through the conclusion of Shabbat. There are classes on Saturday and every space is needed. Parking at Clover Drive is permitted Monday – Friday until 8:30AM and Saturday nights and Sunday. The administration at Clover Drive is trying to cooperate with us, so please abide by their guidelines.

A collection of Holocaust-related artifacts and photographs gathered from members and friends of the Young Israel of Great Neck
For sale in the shul office: $60, checks made out to The Young Israel of Great Neck

In order to enhance the observance of taharat hamishpacha in our community, we are excited about welcoming Yoetzet Halacha, Lisa Septimus, as an additional resource for answering questions.

Like all Yoatzot Halacha, Lisa has been certified by a panel of Orthodox rabbis to be a resource for women with questions regarding taharat hamishpachah (an area of Jewish Law that relates to marriage, intimacy and women's health). This role was devised to assist women who are more comfortable discussing very personal issues with another woman, with the option of remaining anonymous during the call. In preparing to become Yoatzot Halacha, women devote two years (over 1000 hours) to intensive study with rabbinic authorities in taharat hamishpachah and receive training from experts in modern medicine and psychology, including gynecology, infertility, women's health, family dynamics and sexuality.

Below is Lisa's contact information, as well as for our rabbinical team, all of whom remain available to answer questions and provide guidance:

Yoetzet Halacha Lisa Septimus - 516 415 1111
Rabbi Ismach - 516 250 8202
Malka Ismach - 917 373 4883




Introducing Meorot, a Judaic Studies Special Ed after school program providing students with an inspired Modern Orthodox Jewish education and identity within a supportive educational environment. Meorot at North Shore Hebrew Academy is a Great Neck community partnership between the local Yeshivot serving Great Neck. The program seeks to serve elementary aged students who present with learning or language difficulties that prevent them from attending day time Yeshivot and who meet the program’s admission criteria. Please save the date for our inaugural Parlor Meeting, a community awareness event and lecture, to be held on the evening of Monday, June 12, open to the entire community.

Please join us Wednesday, June 14th at 7:30PM at the home of Marisa and Andrew Gadlin (1 Arleigh Road) to hear AMIT graduate Moshe Uziel speak. At the age of 7, Moshe was nurtured at AMIT’s Frisch Beit Hayeled’s surrogate home and continued onto AMIT’s Kfar Blatt Youth Village from the ages of 14 to 18. After 13 years in the IDF, Moshe came home to AMIT and is now the Director of the Center for Technology and Leadership Values at AMIT Kfar Blatt. Dessert will be served.

MONDAY, JUNE 19th, YESHIVA HAR TORAH's 17th ANNUAL GOLF CLASSIC At the beautiful North Shore Country Club in Glen Head, NY. Guest of Honor- the outings Founder Alan Steinberg. The day will start with a full breakfast, great golf, on- course BBQ lunch, cocktail party and buffet awards dinner. For additional information and reservations/sponsorships, please contact Marc Yehaskel at or call (718) 343 2533.

Tomchei Shabbos of Queens provides food to those in need every Wednesday. There are some routes in Queens that don’t have regular drivers. If you have about 2 hours free (that’s including travel time to the warehouse in Kew Gardens) on any given Wednesday night, please call the warehouse starting at 8pm at 718-850-8070 (do not leave a message, they do not check the machine on Wednesdays). The person who answers the phone will let you know if drivers are needed that night to make deliveries. Keep in mind that in many areas in Queens it is difficult to park, so it is best if you make those deliveries with a partner (one to deliver and one to wait in the car). NO COMMITMENT NEEDED. You can do this once, once a month or every week… it’s up to you.

ELDA BAS TZVI HIRSCH DISCOUNT SEFORIM GEMACHAnnouncing the Zelda and Tzvi Hirsch Discount Seforim Gemach at Utopia Parkway Jewish Center! All proceeds directly support Tomchei Shabbos of Queens! Most seforim sell for $5 or less. If you have older seforim, Jewish childrens books or English language works you would like to donate, (no shaimos please), please contact Rabbi Steven Moskowitz via email at or by cell at 516-220-7177. Tizku lemitzvot!


The following donations have been made to the Young Israel:

Liane and Ira Wolff in honor of the marriage of Nicole and Jeremy Forman

Rabbi Meir Feldman in honor of Yossi Weisberg

Tuesday, May 23 2017 27 Iyyar 5777