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Mazel tov to Peri and Steve Santodonato on the celebration of the Bat Mitzvahs of their daughters Liv and Sid.

Mazel tov to Shaina Slonim on her forthcoming marriage to Elazar Lloyd.
Mazel tov to Debbie Spilky and Don Spilky on the marriage of their son Jonathan to Nadine Raida.
Mazel tov to Beth and Noah Smith on the forthcoming marriage of their son Nathaniel to Perri Lichtman.
Mazel tov to Ruthie Goykadosh upon receiving the Hakarat Hatov Award at the Har Torah Supperette.
Mazel tov to Helaine and Sidney Bendrihem and Joy and Josef Bendrihem on the birth of their granddaughter and daughter. Mazel tov to Stephanie and Joseph Bendrihem and Michael Bendrihem as well.
Mazel tov to Donna and Leon Schwechter and Serena and Ben Kalish on the birth of their granddaughter and daughter.
Mazel tov to Emmy and Elliot Moskowitz and Aliza and Moish Brustowsky on the birth of their grandson and son.. 
Mazel tov to Gail and Aaron Zuckerman on the marriage of their granddaughter, Daniella Spiro to Koby Greenwald.
Mazel tov to Rachel Barnehama on being chosen to receive “The Young Pioneers” award from The Jewish Education Project, an organization that embraces innovative approaches to Jewish learning.

Mon, September 25 2023 10 Tishrei 5784