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Weekly Message from the YIGN President - June 17

Dear Kehila,

Having enjoyed the lavish Gloria and Abraham Langer graduation kiddush last week, we know that the summer is soon upon us. It is great to see so many of the talmidim return from their year of intensive learning in Israel to be with us in shul once again. It's been a pleasure to have these newly invigorated torah scholars join us for daily davening and take advantage of our many weekly shiurim. 

Our Morris Lewinter Youth and  teen programs continue this Shabbat with afternoon parent child learning as well as teen seudat shlishit.

I've been asked to remind our membership of the upcoming Village of Great Neck elections this Tuesday, June 21st from 7AM to 9PM at the Village Hall at 61 Baker Hill Road. It's a great opportunity to support those candidates that work so hard for our community.

Wishing everyone a Happy Father's Day!

Regards and Shabbat Shalom,

David Basaleli
Young Israel of Great Neck

Langer Graduation Kiddush

Pictures from Bling & Bubbly Event





YIGN in Israel!

Pictures from Build a Babka Night 


2020 Annual Dinner

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Fri, July 1 2022 2 Tammuz 5782