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Weekly Update from the President - November 20

Dear Kehila,
From my perspective, our shul has always been a model of achdut and cooperation. From the many chesed projects that we've taken on in the past, to the many chat groups among our members for the sole purpose of helping one another and the community at large, the display of kindness and caring are remarkable. This spirit of caring for our fellow members has never been more evident than in these past few weeks in our daily minyanim. I want to personally thank every member who has gone out of their way to attend various services in the morning and in the evening, sometimes in very cold weather outdoors in order to ensure that those who wish to daven with a minyan and those that have a chiyuv have the opportunity to do so. Our new indoor/outdoor weekday hallway model is still being tested. Thank you for your patience.
In recognition of our shul being a most prominent institution within the jurisdiction of the Great Neck Estates Police Department, we were contacted by the Department to ensure that our voices are heard with regards to their service to the community. Our meeting last Wednesday night covered topics such as shul safety and security, neighborhood crime prevention, mental health and addiction. Some of the tips they provided are simple common sense, such as locking car doors and not leaving valuables within sight in parked cars. Other information they provided were more nuanced, such as the importance of traffic enforcement in preventing more serious crimes and access to services at the county level to prevent drug abuse and to provide teen outreach. We are fortunate to be in a village where the authorities take our security very seriously and devote significant resources to ensure our safety. Thanks to Officer Sean Murtagh and Sergeant Anthony Jackowski of the GNE Police Department for their efforts. 
Mazal Tov to all our Daf Yomi participants on reaching the milestone of Siyum Masechet Eruvin this Sunday. Thanks to Romina and Oded Weiss for sponsoring the Siyum in memory of Mrs. Selma Horowitz Z"L. 
Thanks to Judy and Bart Sobel on a daily sponsorship of our tent in honor of Gavi's Bar Mitzvah celebration last Shabbat.
Thanks to the Spodek Family for sponsoring the Parsha Candy last week and to the Shemesh family for sponsoring this week.
Shabbat Shalom,
David Basaleli
Young Israel of Great Neck

Kol Nidrei Appeal

Your generous support of the Young Israel of Great Neck is very much appreciated.  The sole focus of the Kol Nidrei Appeal is to help fund the operation of the shul and provide high quality programming and services to our Kehila.  May the merit of your contribution bring a year filled with health, happiness and success to you and your family.


Those wishing to contribute online may do so by completing the attached form and making payments via credit card or PayPal.


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Chesed Chat - We have also launched a new chat so that we can all help each other during this challenging time with posts like: “I’m going to Costco, can I pick anything up for anyone” or “My son needs some help with math, is there a teen available to Facetime with him?” When you want to respond to a request, please be sure to private message the person who posted it. Click HERE to join.

YIGN Kids Helping Kids - We have established a program for parents whose children might benefit from being paired with a YIGN group leader/high school student who will reach out with scheduled, brief virtual visits to help with homework, read stories, play games or just talk/listen. Please fill out this form HERE if you might be interested in this for your children.


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