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Weekly Update from the President - January 15

Dear Kehila,

I'm very excited to report that Rabbi Ismach has made it through the mandatory COVID quarantine unscathed and is anticipated to return to shul this Shabbat. We are very happy to hear that the rest of the family is feeling well and recuperating from their recent illness. We wish a refuah shlema to all other members of the community that may be currently dealing with the illness and hope to have everyone back soon. On a related note, a big Yasher Koach to Rabbi Basalely who has filled in so capably over the last couple of weeks for shiurim, Shabbat Drashas and for other community members in need. Rabbi Basalely will be delivering the Shabbat afternoon shiur this week between Mincha and Maariv as well.

We don't ordinarily cover all the smachot in the community in this weekly communication, but I would like to personally wish a Mazal Tov to our Youth Director team of Rabbi Nissan and Bracha Goldberg on the birth of their daughter this week. We look forward to the baby naming on Shabbat at our outdoor minyan.

Thanks to the Goykadosh family for the donation of the equipment to broadcast davening and shiurim on Zoom for people who can't attend in person at this time.

Also thanks to the Wilkenfeld family for the sponsorship of the Youth Newsletter and Parsha Candy in memory of Shabtai ben Mordechai Halevi.

Shabbat Shalom and Chodesh Tov,

David Basaleli
Young Israel of Great Neck

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