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Weekly Message from the YIGN President - July 22

Dear Kehila,

This Shabbat is forecasted to be another scorcher. Rest assured, the comfort and safety of our membership is a top priority. We will be running the HVAC system in the main sanctuary and other parts of the building starting one hour prior to commencement of services to ensure that our facilities are properly acclimated tomorrow. There will also be plenty of water on hand as you enter the building, and we encourage everyone to stay hydrated.

With the summer months well under way, and many people taking advantage of vacation time off, you will notice that we have fewer staff and crew available at the building. Throughout the summer, our remaining staff really steps up to ensure that our operations continue to run smoothly and our facilities remain as spotless as we are accustomed to. Most importantly, we have a very talented Rabbinic staff and many talmidei chachamim within our membership who help ensure that we are never without an inspiring Drasha or a well planned shiur throughout the year. Thank you to all of our our members that help make the YIGN such a great place of learning.

Regards and Shabbat Shalom,

David Basaleli
Young Israel of Great Neck

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