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Weekly Message from the YIGN President - July 1

Dear Kehila,

This week the Young Israel of Great Neck sent out dues billing for 2022. As I mentioned last Shabbat, our finance team has worked very hard to manage our expenses and maximize financial support from outside sources of revenue. As a result of their successful efforts, we have been able to avoid an increase in dues for the third year running. I thank all of our members who have so generously supported us over the years with contributions to our Kol Nidrei appeal, annual dinner, and various sponsorship opportunities in order to keep the shul on solid financial footing. The annual dues are our single biggest source of revenue for the shul, and as such, we very much rely on you to ensure our continued success.

Many of our children and young adults are off to various destinations away from home as they embark on their summer plans. We are quite dependent on many of these talented individuals to serve as group leaders and mentors to our youngest children who continue to enjoy our weekly shabbat groups year round including the summer months. If your high schooler or perhaps younger child is available to serve as a group leader over the summer months, please contact Rabbi Nissan Goldberg for this rewarding experience.

Last Tuesday night, our delegates from the YIGN joined the National Council of Young Israel for their annual meeting and the vote on the annual budget. This meeting was kicked off with an inspiring Dvar Torah by our own Mara Deatra, Rabbi Shmuel Ismach, who spoke about our responsibility as a Jewish nation and its leadership to continually strive for kedusha. The NCYI leadership spoke of the many new programs and initiatives that were instituted during the past year and will continue to be introduced in the year to come. The leadership has worked hard to produce a balanced budget, meet the growing needs of the branch synagogues, welcome a new branch in Scottsdale, Arizona, and produce volumes of written and recorded Dvar Torah.  Perhaps the most impactful service to the Jewish community over the past year has been to raise over half a million dollars to aid the refugees of the Ukraine conflict. The council provided much needed relief supplies, with the Young Israel of Great Neck filling a leading role.

Regards and Shabbat Shalom,

David Basaleli
Young Israel of Great Neck

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