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Pictures from Build a Babka Night 


Weekly Update from the President - December 16

Dear Kehila,
We have all been through a lot of twists and turns over the past 21 months as the unpredictability of COVID has only been matched by changes in government policy. As always, our highest priority at the Young Israel of Great Neck is to ensure everyone's health and safety, followed closely by our desire to maximize our member attendance and comfort at minyanim, shiurim and social events. As you may know, last week Governor Hochul announced a mandate for all public places to enforce either a mask requirement or proof of vaccination for all attendees. Although Nassau County officials have declared that this mandate is not being enforced in the County, we at the YIGN have taken steps to be in full compliance with the State requirements. We are quite fortunate that virtually all of our adult members are fully vaccinated, and as a result of our efforts prior to the Yomim Noraim, a vast majority have already submitted vaccination proof to the office. Effective immediately, we will be implementing the following policies for attendance in shul:
Attendance for all of our weekday minyanim will require full vaccination. If you plan to attend any of our daily minyanim and you have not yet provided proof of vaccination to the shul, please send proof to the YIGN office as soon as possible. Signage will indicate the requirement for guests of the shul to carry and be ready to produce such proof as well to daven at the YIGN.   
Similarly, our Sabbat morning services in the Main Sanctuary facility will require full vaccination. Again, if you intend on attending that minyan, you must send in your proof of vaccination before 12:00pm on Friday.
We realize that not all of our youth and our children are yet vaccinated. Therefore, the Teen Minyan and all children's programs will require all attendees and staff to be masked. Please note that the New York State mandates are scheduled to be in effect until January 15, 2022. We will continue to follow the NYS mandate until there are changes by the State or an official policy declaration by the County. Please note that in light of the new NYS requirements, our singles Shabbaton participants will be holding their programming and services separate from our regular minyanim this week and will be masked. We thank you for your full cooperation and appreciate everyone's efforts in maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our membership.
On a lighter note, our shul was the scene of very special social culinary events this week. Mazal Tov to all the Daf Yomi participants on Siyum Taanit which was accompanied by a lavish seudat mitzvah. Perhaps the highlight of the week for the ladies was the Babka baking event on Tuesday evening. I can personally vouch for the Cinnamon! Thank you to all of our sponsors for these events and to the event chairs and committee.
Regards and Shabbat Shalom,

David Basaleli
Young Israel of Great Neck

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