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Weekly Message from the YIGN President - August 12

Dear Kehila,

Nachamu Nachamu Ami, take comfort my people. As we begin the 7 weeks of haftoras of consolation, we are reminded that we are the nation of Hashem and under his protection. We are very fortunate to be part of the greater Great Neck Jewish community and to be able to come together in times of crisis. This past week we joined together in prayer and words of tehillim to bring refuah where it was much needed. B'Ezrat Hashem, our tefilot should continue to be heard and answered. 

The National Council of Young Israel has arranged for a mission to Israel trip that is sure to be a very meaningful and informative experience. This multifaceted experience includes all activities, accommodations, and meals, and takes place from November 27th to December 1st. This will be a great opportunity to not only learn a great deal about the challenges and accomplishments of the State of Israel, but to meet fellow Young Israel members from across the country. Please see the flyer from the National Council for further information.

As we start preparations for Yomim Norayim this year at the YIGN, we have distributed information on submitting names for the Yizkor Books to be used throughout the chagim. Please submit the names of loved ones to be included as soon as possible to ensure their inclusion in the Book of Remembrance. Thank you to Lisa and Stuart Appel for once again leading this very important project.

Regards and Shabbat Shalom,

David Basaleli
Young Israel of Great Neck

Langer Graduation Kiddush

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2020 Annual Dinner

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