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Weekly Update from the President - September 17

Dear Kehila,

Although the Yomim Noraim are behind us, the holiday preparation continues for the Young Israel of Great Neck. There are a host of fun and exciting activities planned for the coming weeks, and we look forward to the participation of members of all ages.

Please join us for our annual Etrog and Lulov sale on Sunday from 1:00pm to 3:00pm in the shul driveway. There you will find many beautiful sets of Arbah Minim at various prices. You will likely notice our sukkah being built to accommodate most of our kehila simultaneously. For those who need a sukkah to enjoy their meals, the shul sukkah will be available as needed.

Please note the youth schedule as follows:

*Monday 9/20 - Erev Sukkot Fun Day Nursery & up 10:30-12:00 *Wednesday 9/22 - Sukkah Hop Nursery - 5th grade 4:15-5:40 *Wednesday 9/22 - Simchat Beit Hashoava - 6th grade & up 8:15 *Thursday 9/23 - Movie Night & Dinner - 5th grade & up 6:00 *Tuesday, Shemini Atzeret 9/28 - Kiddie Hakafot & Dinner - All ages TBD *Tuesday, Simchat Torah Night 9/28 - Teen Hakafah & BBQ

We look forward to engaging our children in these great activities with some COVID restrictions but all of the fun.

As our Kol Nidrei Appeal carries on, please keep in mind that it's through your generous donations that all our programming and events are possible. The following message was shared with me from the Kol Nidre Appeal Committee:

"We hope everyone had a very personal and meaningful fast yesterday.  We are pleased to report that our ongoing Kol Nidre Appeal is in full gear and our dedicated team will, if not already, be contacting you shortly. We are further happy to let you know as of today we have pledges from 25% of our membership and our goal is to reach 100% regardless of the amount. Please remember your pledge can be redeemed over several months. Of course we hope this reminder will encourage you to call the office or go online to make your contribution. Remember as we head toward Hoshana Rabbah in the coming weeks and a “final appeal” this pledge could make the difference".

Shabbat Shalom V'Chag Sameach,


David Basaleli
Young Israel of Great Neck

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Tue, September 21 2021 15 Tishrei 5782