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2021 Annual Dinner - June 2 at 8:30 PM

Join us for YIGN's 2021 Annual Dinner Wednesday June 2 at 8:30 PM.  To register select from the menu below
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Weekly Update from the President - April 30

Words can't express the sorrow we feel as a Kehila and as members of Klal Yisrael on the terrible tragedy that took place at Meron, Israel on Lag B'aomer yesterday. Thank you to everyone that joined us at tefilla at Young Israel and at home to recite tehillim for those who are injured and need refuah and for those families who have lost loved ones. Lag B'aomer has traditionally been a commemoration of Jewish resilience in the face of adversity and our commitment to pass the torch of Torah Judaism to future generations. As we light Shabbat candles tonight and pray for the well being of our own families, we continue to have those in mind that need our tefilla more than ever.

More closer to home, we stand in solidarity with the communities in Riverdale who were victims of anti-anti-Semitic attacks on their synagogues last week. These unfortunate incidents are just another reminder of why we spend so much effort and expense on improving the security of our shul and our membership. This past week, a delegation from our shul in collaboration with the OU and other community shuls that we recruited in Great Neck met with elected officials to discuss ways the Federal and State governments can help us increase our safety and increase the deterrence to those that don't have the best interest of the Jewish people in mind. Stay tuned for further information as we continue these planned discussions.

Our resumption of groups last week seemed to be a great success judging by the strong attendance and smiles on our children's faces. We look forward to seeing our Pre-K members return this week, and we will continue to expand capacity and additional age groups as space and staffing permit. You will also notice expanded seating in the main shul ladies' section this week, and we anticipate continued changes in procedure as we feel more confident about the safety of our membership. As the COVID vaccine becomes more readily available in our communities, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank our members who tirelessly devoted their time to finding and making appointments for those most at risk.

Thank you to the Frank family for sponsoring this weeks HOT kiddish in honor of Hannah Frank's 100th birthday.

Regards and Shabbat Shalom,

David Basaleli
Young Israel of Great Neck

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