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About Youth Program

Shabbat Morning Groups:

All groups begin at 9:45 AM and end with the conclusion of Main Sanctuary tefillah

There are six groups

·         2-3 year olds with Morah Monica, Julie Katz, Naomi Terzi, Cayla Gold, Arielle Wachspress, Rebecca Katz

·         4-5 year olds with Morah Roni, Stephanie Shatz, Rebecca Uhr and Addi Weiss

·         1st – 3rd grade girls with Erica Roth and Jessica Kane

·         4th – 6th grade girls with Ariella Anfang and Abby Spilky

·         1st – 2nd grade boys with Zach Ghodsi, Jonah Spielman, Camren Vilinsky and Todd Bruckner

  • 3rd – 6th grade boys with Etan Walls, Aaron Wolf, Donnie Shayne and Daniel Rosen

Teen Minyan meets at 9:15AM in the Beit Midrash followed by a lavish chulent & kugel kiddush.  All aspects of the minyan are youth led. From assigning the laining and davening to the actual leading of the davening and reading of the Torah.  The teen minyan is supervised by Rabbis Ismach and Slomnicki

Teen seudah Shlishit - Every shabbat in the Teen lounge. Enjoy better food than the adults, a good shmooze with Rabbi Slomnicki or Etan and just have a chill time with friends. 

Sunday Mornings:

9:15 AM Parent child minyan followed by learning of mishnayot masechet taanit. Bagel Breakfast and a good game of hoops always follows!

Sunday Morning arts and Crafts - Pre Yamim tovim

Wed, August 22 2018 11 Elul 5778