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Youth Program Leadership

Rabbi Nissan and Bracha Goldberg
Nissan and Bracha Goldberg join our community from North Woodmere. They hold between them three masters including education and social work, and carry a combined 20+ years of experience in developing fun and engaging youth programs for Jewish children. Nissan and Bracha have run Youth Programming and Teen activities for shuls, camps, and seminaries in Israel. Together, they are loving parents to 3 incredible children, 2 boys and 1 girl.

Nissan is a graduate of Touro school of Psychology and Education with masters degrees both in Early Intervention and School Leadership and Administration. He received his Semicha from Rabbi Yitzchak Knoble from the Yeshiva Gedola of the Five Towns. When he’s not co-directing the youth department, Nissan works for PTACH in YU High School for girls and MTA. In the summer, he is a dedicated and loved Division Head at Camp Lavi.

Bracha is a graduate of NYU, where she received her MSW. Bracha has spent her time counseling both children and adults in various settings. More recently however, she has been a stay at home mom, baker, and co youth director. Over the summer Bracha co-runs the baking department in Camp Lavi, where she teaches children of all ages how to bake and decorate.

Nissan & Bracha can be reached at

Rabbi Simon Basalely
Rabbi Simon Basalely runs our Shabbat Morning Teen Minyan as well as other programs such as onegs, mishmar and Sunday parent-child minyan. Rabbi Basalely is a beloved Rebbe at North Shore Hebrew Academy Middle School. He received his semicha from YU’s Beren Kollel Elyon and also earned an MA in Jewish Education and an MSW in Social Work from YU graduate programs. Rabbi Basalely has demonstrated that he can bring his wisdom to our youth through his warm personality and sense of menschlichkeit. Rabbi Basalely and his wife Batya are the proud parents of five daughters.

Morah Monica Alon
Morah Monica runs our 2-3 year old groups on Shabbat morning as well as other programs for preschool children throughout the year. She is a beloved Preschool director and Pre-k teacher and Long Island Hebrew Academy. She received a certificate in school .administration from the Consortium of Jewish Day Schools. She brought true simcha and love both to our children she works as well as to our entire shul. Monica and her husband Ron are the proud parents of four children and one adorable grandchild.

Morah Naz Aziz
Morah Naz runs our 4-5 year old groups on Shabbat morning as well as other programming throughout the year. She brings music, dance and simcha to girls of all ages through her Bat Mitzvah and birthday party entertainment business, “iMove with Naz.” She knows how to amaze all with whom she encounters with passion, stories, divrei torah and a profound sense of simchat hachaim, a love for life. Naz and her husband Yaacov feel blessed to live and raise their children in the lovely Great Neck community,

Morah Aziza Manasseh
Morah Aziza runs the 7th and 8th grade girls’ groups on Shabbat morning. She has great experience teaching elementary and middle school students at Yeshiva Har Torah. She received her Bachelor’s of Science at Queens College, with a Major in Accounting and Minor in Economics. She is currently working as an accountant at Marks Paneth LLP. Aziza demonstrates maturity, depth, and creates a wholesome and fun environment for our girls.  

Sun, March 3 2024 23 Adar I 5784